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Thread: Describe your pain, am i uniquely screwed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnlcato View Post
    zanax worked pretty well for me with my nocor-lortab 10mg. but i was taken off zanax and the pain returned with a vengence. they said a new law says a person cannot take zanax and nocor together anymore because people were dying from it. so now no one will prescribe it for me. i would try mj but i'm in a state that does not allow it, even medicinal.
    I have this pain as well, and it has left me wondering what I'm still doing here. Lorazepam helped, if I took it every other day, at the most, which.i would use, trading off opiates on the other days. But like a lot of people, am having a very hard time getting any strong pain meds, and they only work somewhat.anyway.
    So I got a spinal cord stimulator, put in about 3 months ago, and I love it. Wish I'd done it a lot sooner. Now weak stuff, like CBD oil, and the like, work a whole lot better, and I'm actually smiling. What a relief.
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    Mize, up above in the thread, describes my pain perfectly.
    It has gotten quite a bit better in the last couple years and I attribute that to diet, getting my constipation under control, and getting off meds. If I screw up and stray from my diet my pain is really bad again for a couple days.
    The most helpful diet change that I discovered post injury, was going gluten free. Prior to my injury I scoffed at those people and ate whatever I wanted with no ill affects.
    The diet I have settled on is basically just fruits, vegetables, oats, and some meat.
    No dairy, no wheat, no beans.
    At least for me, my guts have a huge affect on my nerve pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    I have crazy pains and phantom sensations. Too many to list here, but the base is paresthesia over all of my paralyzed body (T3 complete). It buzzes along at a 3-4 on a pain scale of 10, but it can have local excursions to 8/10 for the right foot that's crushed or the hairbrush up my butt sensation or the dysesthesia (about a 2" section of skin around my chest corresponding to approx T3-T6 dermatomes) that can feel like it's burning, freezing, cutting or all of the above at the same time. The phantom sensations of actually having a bowel movement or needing to pee really, really badly right after you've cathed and for hours are just bonuses.

    All of this is normally something I can deal with when it's low key at a 3-4, but when it escalates to a 7+ it's quite debilitating. This usually happens towards the end of the work day or when I'm under a lot of stress or not sleeping enough.

    I did have a recent experience with medical weed that's worth relating.

    I was in Colorado for a job interview and came home with about a months worth of 1:1 CBD:THC vape cartridges. Over that month of using them I'd say my average pain went from 3-4 to 1-2 which is pretty huge. More importantly, my excursions to 7-8 were nonexistent over that month. All this was based on using the vape several times (9-12 hits) from about 5:30 PM until about 9:30 PM on workdays.

    When I ran out is when I really figured this out as things have gone back and excursions are back and it sucks.

    My state has MMJ, but no dispensaries have anything to sell yet so I'm hosed until I can get to a state with recreational.
    I'm a T-5 complete and I, too, have a band of sensitive skin on my chest. I can live with that; it's the other non-stop pain in a band around me at T-5 that is slowly wearing me out. But Ohio now has dispensaries! I assume there is one close to you.

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    There are so many strains available and the people at the dispensary aren't very knowledgeable IMO. So far, MJ has not helped. Some times, it actually focuses my pain - making it even worse.

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    I'm c-5 complete and have severe sharp, burning sensations all down my arms, constantly around 7/10, and i'm afraid that i'm just gonna die screaming when the meds stop working completely soon. i've begun looking for piers.

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