Other than my fellow kindred spirit sci sufferer, screen name ALAN .
I sometimes wonder if I am among the few that suffer daily from Debilitating limb, buttocks, gut , And shoulder pain As a quad Is enough to make me want to drive all off the pier. only I don?t have a pier That is wheelchair accessible
I see all these other spinal injured guys Able to make some semblance of life without having to wrap themselves in blankets And rock back and forth on their wheelchairs unable to even think about getting outside And doing anything productive. especially on nights preceding my printer no patch change become unbearable, I can?t even concentrate on a stupid tv sitcom, Let alone operate A keyboard /tracking pad for my computer. days I feel like I?m just warehoused Until my body says it?s had enough of this world. not something that a puff of cannabis oil even touches. Pain from digestion gas or even entrained air is a killer. Oxy is my fallback breakthrough relief that I hate yet there?s just nothing else out there. Am I alone?