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zanax worked pretty well for me with my nocor-lortab 10mg. but i was taken off zanax and the pain returned with a vengence. they said a new law says a person cannot take zanax and nocor together anymore because people were dying from it. so now no one will prescribe it for me. i would try mj but i'm in a state that does not allow it, even medicinal.
I have this pain as well, and it has left me wondering what I'm still doing here. Lorazepam helped, if I took it every other day, at the most, which.i would use, trading off opiates on the other days. But like a lot of people, am having a very hard time getting any strong pain meds, and they only work somewhat.anyway.
So I got a spinal cord stimulator, put in about 3 months ago, and I love it. Wish I'd done it a lot sooner. Now weak stuff, like CBD oil, and the like, work a whole lot better, and I'm actually smiling. What a relief.