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Thread: Insurance and wheels

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    TiLite makes frame depth 1-1/2" greater than seat depth by default. Their order form provides the option of frame depth = seat depth. But when I spec it that way they resist. Ultimately, I got around it by specing seat depth 1-1/2" shorter. The frame ends up the same either way. The only difference is shorter seat upholstery. Go figure. Sometimes I wonder who is looking at these and making these calls.
    Interesting, I've never had anyone order a shorter frame depth before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Interesting, I've never had anyone order a shorter frame depth before.
    Their new order form specs frame depth = 1/2" greater than seat depth. Their old order form speced 1-1/2". I don't know why but they have resisted making frame depth = seat depth. I wish they would say why so I could either reason with them or accept their reason. But all they do is send CADs the way they want. I was tempted to spec negative frame depth. Kind of like haggling a price. I know what I want but I start at a lower number so they'll meet me half way. LOL. I'm sure their heads would explode.
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