So my DME (a new one after two years of failures with incompetence from NSM) who I'm getting a new TRA through tells me that insurance will not cover XLX wheels.

Well... actually he tells me they will cover any wheels I want, but only at a "contracted rate" of $178 which they are not allowed to balance bill me for, so they won't move forward with the order for any wheels other than the default free option wheels... which feels very... not true to me.

Apparently insurance (Cigna through my employer) WILL cover a titanium upgrade and glide suspension forks, but will not cover any wheels beyond what $178 will get you, which is apparently the stock sunrims or whatever plastic garbage comes default from Tilite these days.

Also he says with my current specs: 90 degree front angle 18" depth, 13" width and I don't quite remember the front height, but it's something like 17 or 18" that frog legs front forks with "interfere with the rear wheels"... WTF? It's very similar specs to the chair I'm sitting in right now, and there is 6" of clearance between the casters and the rear wheels measuring the nearest I can possibly swing the casters... Are frog leg forks really some absurd monstrosity that adds an additional 6" to the rearward swing of the casters? It has to be even more than that because I'm going with a smaller rear wheel (559 from my current 590s) and they tell me they would have to extend the frame an extra 2.25" forward for the casters/forks to clear the rear wheels. I could totally see the scenario where the frog legs might interfere with the footrest, my current casters hit the sides of my shoes all the time when they turn inwards, but he clearly said they need to add 2.25" of frame depth in addition to my already 18" deep seat depth in order for them to clear the rear wheels which would do absolutely nothing if he had accidentally misspoke and meant the clearance of the footrest. Comparing it to my current chair, he is saying the center of axis of the casters needs 9" (clearance on current chair) plus 2.25" (requested additional length) plus about 0.5" for the smaller wheels, which means some part of the casters must swing in a 1 foot radius arc from the center of the fork... I mean they would interfere with EACH OTHER before they would interfere with the rear wheels, nevermind a place for me feet to sit between the casters, with my current chair the center of the casters is only 17" wide. I guess I need to call Tilite and clarify what they mean by this because I can't picture it.

Has anyone run into insurance not covering rear wheels at all (beyond the stock option)?

Also does anyone have a chair with an 18" depth and a reasonably narrow width with suspension forks that they could take a picture of? Maybe they're super longer than I was thinking in which case it definitely wouldn't work.