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Thread: Hand Controls Certificate

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    Ontario Canada here... I called and spoke to the DMV and cops and stuff, and they had no idea about hand controls. So I just bought a set of portable ones from Amazon and have been driving with them. Started driving while I was still in rehab.
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    I understand about due diligence. But a 12-hour course is an insult to your intelligence. The DMV taught me what I need to know (what you probably already do know) in their 1-hour test. After then, it was just a matter of gaining experience and building confidence, which I did by practicing in empty parking lots.

    Here is a link to portable hand controls. They cost about $270. Because I can't use my legs and it was difficult to position myself under the steering wheel, it took me 30 minutes. It may take you or a handyman 10 minutes. No tools required. Just screw them on.

    The Freedom Staff are far superior to the QuicStick. Because the QicStick requires thumb control for gas, they will fatigue your hand quickly. I actually prefer the Freedom Staff over the MPS Monarch hand controls (the industry standard) for some cars.

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    Yeah portable controls really don't seem right for me be cause they bolt directly onto the peddles. My goal is to keep driving with my feet because I prefer two hands (quad hands) on the wheel. My purpose in adding a hand control brake is to give my left foot a rest once in a while, I normally keep my left foot on the brake peddle but that can be tiring because I have to keep my foot raised up to keep from dragging the brake. Small trips around town isn't a problem, it's longer trips that's the problem.

    Thanks for all the replies.

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    Man been 44 years ago here in Michigan. I remember driving with hand controls in PT at U of M. Drove around Ann Arbor. Then when I got out went and got hand controls then had to drive for the DVM. Use to say hand controls on back of my license but they stop that like 25 years ago for me. They must keep changing the law I guess here. I may have gotton something that said I was able to drive with hand controls. Can't remember now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    This kind of stuff is why we need advocacy. It's ludicrous that you have to go through any special "certfication" to be allowed to modify your own vehicle. If someone wants you to pass a driving test that's fine, everybody has to pass one of those. If they want you to pay someone thousands of dollars for someone to "certify" you they should go fuck themselves.

    Even in California you can build your own car from scratch and you don't have to go through the above process:
    " When an official brake and light station that inspects specific vehicles such as motorcycles and large commercial vehicles is not located within a reasonable distance, DMV will accept a Statement of Facts (REG 256) from a repair shop attesting that the brakes and lights are in proper working order. Brake and light certificates are not required for off-highway vehicles or trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds gross vehicle weight."

    The above has nothing to do with hand controlled cars, it's for people who straight up built their car in their garage (or built a highly modified "kit car"). I'm just pointing out the absurd disparities between making a modification to suit a disability (apparently quite stringent and expensive and time consuming) and someone who's just building stuff for the hell of it (easy breezy apparently, just get a mechanic to fill out a form and mail it in if you live too far away from an inspection station).

    In the southeast, when I got crippled I just bought a pair of collapsible, portable hand controls and screwed them onto the pedals and started driving. No one has even made me take another driving test since I passed my first one at age 16, eight years before my injury, and even more years since it.

    So apparently if you want to skirt this law instead of modifying the brake lever you should completely rebuild the car into some mad max rig like this

    and build it so that the brakes can only be controlled by your hands (or via a digital button or by blinking your left eye three times or however you want to build it) and then you won't have to be "certified" for your brakes beyond getting a mechanic buddy to sign a piece of paper saying that they work. Literally all the paperwork says is that a repair shop has to attest that the brakes and lights work. Nothing about how they work or how well they work or can they slow the car down from 60 to zero in less than eight miles. The "statement of facts" form literally just has a blank space for them to write in and the entirety of the instructions say that they should certify whether or not the brakes work.

    This pisses me off so much. Somebody who has some time on their hands should sue the state for discrimination to fix this. Who would have thunk liberal California would have such aggressively discriminatory laws in place seemingly intended only to penalize the disabled?

    It was different than driving with your feet. But they threw me right in Downtown Ann Arbor which was much harder than letting me get used to them driving in a parking area. I only drove once or twice and they said you don't need anymore help. I guess I passed never cost me anything.

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    I mount my hand controls brackets at a 45 degree angle on one upper corner of the pedal. That leaves most of the pedal free for foot control. If that doesn't do it for you and you want an extension for the brake only, then here's a kit. All else you need is a handle/rod and a strap to hold it in place, which you (or your son) can rig with an afternoon at Home Depot.

    If you don't want to bother. You can ask your local mechanic to refer you to a metal fabricator. It will cost you a few hundred dollars. Still much cheaper than the alternatives.
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    I have seen a lot of people get out of cars and trucks that can hardy move. They get a motorized cart ASAP. I move 10 times faster than they do. If they had to hit the brakes fast no way. But really is hard not to be able to drive these days. I must say they drive very careful than a lot of younger drivers yacking on there cell phones. I have had much more problems with cell phones users than the elderly.

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    In NC you are not required by DMV to get any kind of certificate for you hand controls, pass the drivers test, get Hand Controls on the back of the license under Conditions.
    The certified hand controls installer wanted $1200 and certificate from certified driving school (upto $1500 for lessons). Made my own hand controls($60), drove for some months, took drivers test, got the license. Surprisingly there isn't any kind of requirement of what hand or any controls should be, guess anything works as longs as you can drive safely.
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    In 2009 New York required a similar "certification course" provided by OTs. In CA, where I am now, I guess it i the same. I was fortunate t find a new shop ru by a para who did not know the regulations. He installed my hand controls and I learned in parking lots locally. The guy who did my driving test for hand controls was an old guy who had done it a long time. He spent most of the time telling me tricks I could use and things to be wary of. I was happy to skirt the requirement because it is nothing but a trade subsidy to driving schools.

    I agree that someone should legally challenge such regulations.

    New York does a similar subsidy to massage schools by REQUIRING an licensed massage therapist the get a new diploma from a NY massage school or $10,000. How sick is that??

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