I'm C5/6 incomplete, 42yrs post injury. When I was first injured I went through driver training with hand controls but by the time I got out of the hospital and got a car I was able to drive using my feet (one for brake, one for gas). But my legs are getting weaker and I was thinking of having a hand control brake installed. But when I went to my mobility guy he said a couple of years ago California passed a new law that would require me to get certified before he could install the hand brake. The nearest place that does the training is 1.5hrs away and quoted me a price of $375 evaluation fee, $175 per hour lesson and it usually takes around 12 lessons. So basically $2,500. OUCH!!!!!

I been doing some internet searching but can't find any information on the actual law. The last thread on this forum was 2013. Has anyone been dealing with this situation recently? I'm thinking of going to Nevada to have the control installed or find a used set and have me and my son install them. I would rather have a professional do it.