Are there standards that hotel chains stick to when providing Mobility accessible rooms? If I reserve a room that is guaranteed to be ?mobility excessive? and has a roll in shower, is there a way to find the minimum requirements to earn that specification?

I have a hotel booking with Springhill suites (Marriott), And I have gone through appropriate steps to lock down a mobility accessible room with a roll in shower. I am a quad, so this is a must! Upon recently digging through more reviews of this specific hotel, I found that some people were shocked by the cramped set up for an accessible room. I don?t know whether we was one of these roll in shower rooms, or if it was just a hearing impaired room. The review is also five years old, and I think the hotel has been through a renovation since then.

Should I bug the front desk for details about clearance? I have tried to find information from the Marriott site standards, but I haven?t had luck. I?m guessing this means there might not be standards?