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Um well your old news in Alabama is spot on my car analogy. They gave kids with seizures cbd oil. that has thc in it, read the article, and it helped them. GOOD. Why or how? Can you say for sure it wasn't the thc that helped them? It helped my gas mileage, why or how? Can you say it didn't?

Then lets say cbd does work for epileptic seizures. What does that have to do with pain relief or any of the many other ailments it supposedly helps?

So go ahead a rub that cream all over yourself and drink that cbd infused tincture. Tell yourself it's helping. Feed the pharmaceutical monsters. I'll wait for the facts.
Your posts aren't even entertaining. Don't you have better things to do than muddy up the waters for SCI pain sufferers. What's your experience with pain and CBD oil? Tell us. We're interested.