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I've seen better info than this re pools/diving and quad wall. I will try to dig up some more
Case #1 in this link discusses the problem. Case # 2 goes into trampolines.

"Plaintiff went off a diving board into a residential backyard pool. Because of the defective condition of the NSPI Standards as it relates to backyard pools and diving boards, Plaintiff hit the "quad wall." The "quad wall" is the slope where the pool goes from the deep end to the shallow end. Unfortunately, the distance from the end of the diving board to the beginning of the "quad wall" is inadequate. As a result, Plaintiff was a C-2 quadriplegic and on a ventilator. Unfortunately, Plaintiff died exactly six months after the date of his accident due to problems secondary to his spinal cord injury."


Here's an old Seattle Times piece on the issue:

I thought you were referring to what we call the hopper wall.
I put two pools in my home during my 50 yrs now putting one at my daughters this week.
The hopper wall's placement must meet minimum standards based on calculations.
No one puts diving boards anymore.