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Thread: smartdrive ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    Let us know how it goes, wheelin!

    If I ever get a new chair (two year plus process thus far, but I switched DMEs so I'm hopeful now), as soon as I get the chair I'm gonna start the process to get a smartdrive.

    I live in a very walkable downtown, but currently my shoulders are protesting if I climb the hills more than once, so a smartdrive will probably help me get out more since I don't have to park or endure my shoulders creaking and popping to get around.
    Getting the smartdrive with the wheelchair can be justified for the same reasons. Getting them together may also cost you less.

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    Agreed with what August says.
    I got both at the same time, and if you use shoulder struggles as an issue, and have a good PT to write the justification, you'll surely be approved.
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    yep my pt told me it would be good to wrap the chair and sd at same time ill know more in may ill update
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    Maybe I’m shooting my self in the foot by not doing them together, but it’s been 30 months so far that I’ve been trying to just get the chair by itself... at this point I don’t want to spring anything new on them that might sway the process.

    i definitely NEED the chair. A smart drive would be nice, but I can live without it.

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    dumb question why does it take 30 months to get a chair

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    I don't use my SmartDrive that often, but I'm always happy to have it when I want to head to the neighborhood shops, restaurants, or barber shop. It's helpful for shopping or anywhere with a lot of rolling around (not offroad). I really like to pair mine with my FreeWheel. The FreeWheel makes it much easier and safer to ride over cracks and bumps along the path. My biggest complaint is with the SmartDrive wristband. I think mine may be an older version, but it has two major problems: (1) the wristband battery life is by far the weak link in the SmartDrive system. It dies much faster than the actual unit and requires a good charge before use; it's not something you can just strap on and go without planning ahead of time. And (2) the rubber wristband itself (not the module) breaks quickly and must be replaced frequently. I think newer models might have adopted a better, stronger system similar to the clasp on a watch band.

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    My son uses his all day, every day and loves it. He’s 15 years post, c6/7 and it has saved his shoulders. Simple things like going up a small ramp getting into his van, rolling around the house and back yard, anywhere and everywhere.

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    so you can use this getting up ramped vans just make sure and stop b4 hitting the interior of van
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    A friend of mine uses it everywhere. To carry a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the living room. From living room to bathroom. You can go slow with them, but she goes wide open. Scared the s#&$t out of me.

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    im gonna have to reschedule my appointment its gonna be raining tomorow the therapist said its no big deal but im not gonna be able to really test the thing out if it pouring down rain im pretty pissed i feel pushed around by the dme and therapist i found out i was only gonna get about an hour to use it

    i was hoping to try it at home im about to give up on the thing all together how can you make a multi thousand dollar decision in a hour is that all anyone gets when the go and try this thing maybe im over reacting
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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