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Thread: Have You Considered Power Assist ?

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    Have You Considered Power Assist ?

    Good morning everyone! I realize my last thread is getting very technical and I would like to ask 3 simple questions for everyone to give quick feedback.

    1.) Have you ever SERIOUSLY considered Power Assist?

    2.) If not, why? Too expensive, you feel like you would loose exercise, etc

    3.) (This one is totally optional) If you could tell a power assist company, still developing a new product, what what would it be? What do you really want them to know to make your life better?

    Thank you for all of the help

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    1. Yes. For convenience, using at one particular place I go, a couple times a year, with lots of paved rolling hills, that my kids insist we walk around for 8-10 hours a day.

    2. Not for any other use, because I like being as free of medical assistance devices, and potential complications, as possible. I may be crippled as the day is long, but until I can't push myself, physically, I will be pushing myself. Call it foolish pride.

    3. Nothing to add that isn't in the other thread. Well, maybe this: I admire your mission, but reality isn't going to bend around it. Good intentions combined with bad ideas don't succeed very often. Gotta play the game to win the game.
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    ive been thinking of getting one im sure my insurance would pay for it but im not sure id use it id hate to see all that money sitting in a closet
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    Been using a ZX1. On my second one. My big complaint with the first was the wiring would jigle loose once in a while and I'd be stuck unless I could reach back and push in or have someone around who could. Otherwise, I'd be stuck. I reallylike the X over the smartdrive. Especially using a Free Wheel attached to the front riding over rough ground.

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    I?m waiting on my smart drive. I plan to use it as often as I can when my shoulders are acting up. Also for long walks with my dog and beach boardwalks. Don?t know how practical it?s going to be in small cramped quarters. We?ll see.

    I would like to see the remote control attached to the chair rather than on my wrist. Because that way it won?t get lost.

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    1. I have purchased, modified or made myself several power assist systems for my manual wheelchairs.


    3. Power to the weighted 24 inch wheelchair rear wheels is more effective than a push wheel like a SmartDrive because the SmartDrive looses traction too easily. So when I finally got an I-Glide (Tailwind) up and running I stopped using the SmartDrive device. Besides traction, my I-Glide has the advantage of downhill braking. The motors hold it back, this may not be possible with brushless motors.

    To make "my" life better would be a modification to my I-Glide which would give it a longer, much longer glide time. Even better would be continuous variable speed.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    @Oddity Just like the previous thread, thank you for your quick response I would love to have you test out our product once it does launch, your feedback has been thorough and helpful.

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    @wheelin 48 What do you think would push you to using it consistently? I'm curious on what turns you off from what currently exists.

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    Out of curiosity, did you pay for the ZX1 out of pocket or through insurance? Also, do you use it on a daily basis? I remember checking out the free wheel awhile back! It's a really neat concept that would be cool to somehow incorporate into our current power attachment design.

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    @August WestController attachment is a challenge since the rigid frame chairs don't have much of an arm rest. My team and I have been going back and forth on location for the controller, still haven't came up with a perfect method but its in the works

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