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Thread: Favorite Equipment

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    Favorite Equipment

    Just curious... other than the obvious things (wheelchair, catheters, etc) what?s one piece of equipment you can?t live without?

    One for me would be my mat table by Dynatronics.

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    Vancouver WA USA - - Male T4 ASIA B incomplete
    The Smart Drive MX1, has proven to be my most used and useful piece of equipment.

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    Senior Member djrolling's Avatar
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    My handcycle attachment for my wheelchair

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrolling View Post
    My handcycle attachment for my wheelchair
    Do you have a picture or link to the one you use?

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    I use the Stricker pictured here. John at Bike-on can tell you all about them and sell you one as well. I use mine every day

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick047 View Post
    Do you have a picture or link to the one you use?
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Jay Protector
    Sticks not crutches.

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    A work table with a vise on it.

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    Wrist splint.

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    DUH!! Wheelchair...........

    But things that come to mind: workshop, drill press, mig welder, ZX-1 (still in review), my audio system & music, trumpet........
    Guess I'm personally co-dependant!

    EDIT: did I mention my wife? But I don't consider her "equipment"!
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ

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    The item I have used most in 40+ years as quad is a 36" stick with a hook on the end. It had a plastic sheath around wood. The only thing I can find similar now are wood and too short to be functional. The hook on the new ones are not as functional either. Got it from OT just after injury. Can't find anything just like it anymore. It has been repaired a few times. I have picked up, moved and reached more things with that than I can count. Extremely useful. As a side note, the coolest adaption I ever had was my wife making a stiffened strap for my infant son that was attached to his bib overalls so I could lift him on to my lap from the floor. He is grown now but I can't believe I did that and changed his diaper as a c5-6 quad.

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