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Thread: Van lift choices

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    If you can find one, the Braun Swing Away is really the way to go. Reliable, easy to work on and the critical components are off the shelf items. You won't be beholden to mobility shops for repairs.

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    Thank you both! I will go look at their websites and info.

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    I have owned the Braun Swing-A-Way lifts and they were by far the most reliable and easiest to maintain. When the full size vans went to swing out doors rather than slide doors, it killed the lift in the US. The Mercedes uses a slider on both driver and passenger sides. Nice option! Braun still makes the Swing-A-Way but only for European markets. I don’t believe that they are permitted to import. I did find a low cycle used Braun Vangater lift on eBay last week and bought it for $350. It cost a lot more to have it shipped. It’s a work in progress. But, the plan is to refirb the lift to improve reliability and cut the platform 6” to shorten its length. This improves installation clearance with doors in fully stowed position and slightly improves access distance when fully deployed between lift and other objects. I’ll remove the folding motor and weld the lift into its unfolded position to minimize interior “squeak and rattling” when traveling. I’ll post more in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will work as planned. Those of you familiar with the Vangater... what would you change about it?
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