Has anyone use these Fit-Grip PRO hand rim cover to give you better grip? Are they any good? Any comments on them?

I was a proponent of Out-Front Surge LT hand rims until the rubber insert pulled away from the rim and I called Out-Front and asked to buy replacement inserts and was told they don't sell them you have to buy new set of rims at $350.00 plus $100.00 installing them. That's a third co-pay of a new TiLite ZR!

I got measured and fitting for a new TiLite ZR with some special customization which the physical therapist and TiiLite rep will have to come down to my house and get everything Ti-Fit right. I have to provide drawings.

For the Out-Front LT hand rims they are a good product but in four years the rubber insert will pull away from the rim which I am not happy about. Out-Front does say on their web site the inserts are not sold separately.

Does anyone have any experience with these Fit-Grip Pro or other hand rims?

If SCI_OTR can step in and give his profession advise or suggestions that would be great!

Here's a short video on Fit-Grip Pro rim covers.

Thank you for your input.