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    Ki Mobility Ethos

    Has anybody taken a look at the Ki Mobility Ethos? The suspension looks interesting...I'll be intrigued to hear feedback once it hits the market. What do y'all think of the design?

    Here's the link:

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    I'm hoping to see one this week. From the videos, it looks more like damping not suspension.....

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    The cost of the frame is $3000....isn't that way above the medicare reimbursement limit? what are the odds of medicare approving this for anyone?

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    Hey everyone I just had a demo of this chair today. It is spectacular!

    Here's what I remember:

    1. Supposed to be able to get through Medicare. I am going to starting ordering process soon.
    2. It is like an air ride suspension on a car vs a 1 ton truck. It's ridiculous how much vibration***** absorption the chair takes in. I wished I would have taken it off the curb but I did not think to do that. I did go over the yellow bumpy things and I honestly hardly felt anything at all. I was on a roho hybrid seat cushion as well as an axiom sp visco cushion by them. The sales rep made sure to differentiate between vibration and shock. This chair takes away regular vibration from sidewalks small barriers etc. Large shocks will not be insulated as much as a wheelchair with a gas piston shock absorber underneath the rear seat. But it will be softer than your standard rigid frame chair
    3. Their axiom sp visco cushion is nice. But I think I'm going to stick with roho because I know it works for me.
    4. The back has a "relax" setting that allows you to set it to go back about 10 degrees, for more comfortable seating around home. Very cool feature.
    5. Their stock rims are much better than TiLite shadow.
    6. The bushings are adjustable and come in 4 types- ultra smooth, smooth, medium, and rigid. The front and back bushings can be different (the front one doesn't have as much weigh on it and could be a smoother one than the rear)
    7. I have a tilite and tried a different one after the ethos and it was just meh to me after feeling what I just rode in.

    Has anybody heard about durability of the company's products in general? I am kind of nervous because it is a BRAND NEW chair, like literally just came available in March.

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    The design characteristic that I wonder about the most is the single segment of tubing attaching the caster fork to the base frame. I wonder if it can withstand the forces it might be subjected to if someone tries to force the chair nto a confined space.

    It is a modular design, however, so it could be replaced should it get bent if somebody forces it into the trunk of a car or a plane's cargo hold.

    Overall, I think Alan Ludovici came up with an innovative design that should keep most people's feet squarely on the footrests going over sidewalk cracks,bump textured curb cutouts,and cobblestone/brick roads.
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    Thank you for your feedback! Yes the caster arms do appear to be the weak spot. And as you said it's modular and could be replaced. I've dealt with tilites garbage 1st gen caster system for 6 years I suppose I could handle another 6 if need be

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    I took a hard look at the Ki but am still a bit in the dark about frame weight compared to my Ti. I am small, underweight, and stowing the frame in my car is a challenge. One pound makes a big difference. When I trimmed down from an 18 in Ti to a 16 my life was much improved.

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