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Thread: Attachment for Manual Wheelchair that Converts to Powered Wheelchair

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    @baldfatdad The problem with off the shelf components is quality, we wanted to make it as high quality as possible to avoid any parts breaking. Would it help if we incorporated some sort of maintenance team whose job is to pretty much take care of any problems personally? Also, we do have a chair and we already made a prototype that works on the chair. problem...We got one of the common 'folding chairs'..little did we know that the most common chairs are the Rigid Frame so we had to go back to the drawing board this week to change the mounts.. lol rookie mistake. I really like the idea of getting in the chair myself for at least a few days. I'm going to do that this week. Spend 3 days in the chair. I think that will really help in the design. Thank you for that suggestion

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    Really sorry about posting so many repeat replies everyone... I am new to this whole forum thing and kept re-writing my replies after getting the approval error (hoping that they would go through). Won't do that again lol
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    This was another duplicate response mistake
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    This was another duplicate response mistake
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    This was another duplicate response mistake..
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    @baldfatdad We are definitely making it so that the user can easily attach and detach in 5-10 seconds without getting out of the chair. The biggest issue with off the shelf parts is quality. Would you be equally as happy if some of the parts were off the shelf and for any other issues, we send out a team to come help in person? Also, I really like the suggestion of getting in the chair myself for a few days. I'm going to take you up on that and spend the next few days in the chair. I'm sure I'll have a new perspective towards the entire product.

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    I'm having trouble imagining what you're building. What makes it different/better than the ZX-1?

    It sounds like you're using just one wheel instead of two, which makes me wonder how it can turn, maybe with one of those funky articulated wheels that allows the smartdrive to turn (I don't know what they're called)?

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    I think it goes on the front rather than the rear FL. Wonder where the battery will go? On the unit or under the chair like the Smartdrive.

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    Yes, an improved power assist would be greatly accepted.

    Price: Understandably most members would be reluctant to answer this question online. My guess is under 1k. I've gone over that but that was early in the smartdrive game. I think your problem would be fighting the ridiculous cost of federal approval and Chinese ripoff competition yet keeping production worthwhile.

    Mounting: You say "wheel" and later say "axle". This is what SmartDrive did too. I (and another here) made a similar omniwheel which attached to the axle, but I used the SD attachment as I was unable to invent something better.

    Range: As you know range is dependant on battery size. With a single 250 watt hub motor 6 miles should be enough. What is better is to be able to have the option to have an additional battery to plug in parallel with it for longer journeys. I don't have an issue with NMC lithium holding a charge over a long time. Or one could use a swap method to keep them fresh.

    Weight: SD or lighter. I've got my NMC battery permanently mounted to the chair I use with the omniwheel.

    Immediate No-No: Having to be fitted by some DME or factory expert. If I send the money, I want the product. Just give me some written instruction and phone support if needed.

    Features: There are two. One is as you have mentioned, steering. The other is propulsion, not counting the ZX-1 the US products are push activated. Then push to activate again, over and over. I think the MX2 has a mode like the old MX1 has a keep going mode. Mine was a bit scary, might have been me. Joysticks solve both of these, but they are a bit of a major wheelchair addition. With my omniwheel propulsion I used an e-bike controller and a twist throttle which I mounted on the rail next to my wheelchair cushion. I use skid steer. Sometimes I let go of the throttle side to steer or hit the hand rim with me (clothed) elbow. I had a video on here at one time.

    Insurance: I've only used insurance twice. Once was to get out of the hospital. They said I needed a walker, yeah right. The other was for a cushion, took months, overcharged, fought for the money back. I haven't felt like going after them. If I like it I'll buy it.

    So I guess this is for a true or hypothetical for profit enterprise. You could change it up and make it into a DIY self help assuming people have access to commercial 3D printing. I don't know if commercial 3D printing exists.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProPulse View Post
    I never thought about programming the max speed to go down as a function of the battery life remaining. I'll definitely be taking that into consideration!
    Please don't. Or have the option to be remain at 100% power until it drops to 0.

    Have you seen a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner vs a vanilla one? The vanilla ones drop off in power gradually. You end up with mediocre performance half the time. The Dyson performs at 100% power until it stops completely. That way you get better performance longer. An educated user should know that time amount and plan accordingly.

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