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Thread: Attachment for Manual Wheelchair that Converts to Powered Wheelchair

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    Post Attachment for Manual Wheelchair that Converts to Powered Wheelchair

    Good morning everyone!

    First, I would like to thank the community for the privilege to post on this forum. I am positing because my team and I need help.

    I am an engineering student at the University of Central Florida. My team and I have been working on this device named the ProPulse for the past few months. The device is an electric wheel that attaches to any manual wheelchair and converts it to fully electric. The initial mounts take about 10min to put on the wheelchair but after that, it takes about 5seconds to attach and detach the device.

    The entire goal behind the project is to give more independence and freedom of mobility to all wheelchair users. It seems like there is a serious problem with insurance companies paying for powered wheelchairs and even if they do, the user has to pay for the expensive wheelchair accessible van. I know that the smartdrive does exist but its crazy expensive and doesn't even turn for the user!!!!

    My question is, what can we do to make sure our design will increase the wheelchair communities quality of life the most we possibly can? Is this a device you need or would even be interested in?

    Price: What is the max you are truly willing to pay out of pocket? $1000, $1500, $2000, etc?

    Mounting: This is an interesting one. Our team needs a relatively consistent location to mount the device, currently we chose the axle since (from our understanding) it doesn't change too much from user to user. Any thoughts on this? Better locations? Specific type of mounting you would like to have?

    Range: How many miles do you expect it to last? 6miles, 10miles, 15miles, etc

    Weight: What is the maximum amount of weight you would be okay with? 8lbs, 12lbs, 20lbs, etc

    Immediate No-No: What would you HATE for this device to have or lack? Is there a specific deal breaker we should keep in mind?

    Features: What features would you love to see? They can be as silly or traditional (like a phone charger) as you would like!

    Insurance: Would you like the option to buy this through insurance one day or would you rather never deal with insurance to get a device like this?

    Any advice, even if it has nothing to do with the questions above, would be truly appreciated. We want to make sure that we do this right and actually benefits the wheelchair community.

    Thank you again for including me in the forum. I am excited to learn more about the community
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