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Thread: losing sense of taste?

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    losing sense of taste?

    My sense of taste is starting to lessen a lot. And I really love good food. Could this be due to all the Kristalose (lactulose) I take, and have been for many years? (I mean, I only take Kristalose, which is much more expensive than lactulose, because I could not tolerate the taste of lactulose). Actually it is a lot easier now to drink all the disgusting laxatives I have to, magnesium citrate and Kristalose, but maybe doing so over the years has damaged the taste buds?

    I did a web search and people say this is due to age, but this seemed like it came on kind of more suddenly. One week my taste was normal, the next, it was just kind of not as sensitive.

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    Sudden changes - I would also be concerned. Bring it to the attention of your doctor. I've seen loss of sensitivity in smell as well as taste but it has been more gradual and I chalk it up to age plus health challenged.

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    According to my references loss of taste or smell is not a side effect of lactulose.
    Is the lactulose the only medication you take?
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    I would see an ear, nose and throat specialist because of the sudden onset of this problem, and because you say Kristalose is the only med you're on. An ENT can refer you to another kind of specialist, if need be. There might be a problem with your upper respiratory tract, for example.
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