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Thread: moisture wicking shorts

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    moisture wicking shorts

    thinking of switching to moisture wicking shorts for hot summer months any thoughts or brands you lie or are they a waste of money
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    I have used these. I haven't tried the GlideWear brand. But they look good. I like the fact that they have a wider band to prevent it from bunching and slipping.

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    I wear Helly Hansen base layer underwear, with a full length leg. I am always cold. I use the Warmer garment in winter and the Regular in Summer. These garments are merino wool combined with a proprietary active wear fabric that was the warmth and wicking qualities of wool without itch. They are lightweight.

    Lately, I have seen ads for Tommy John underwear ( and Duluth Trading Company Buck Naked underwear (

    Helly Hansen is pricey, but I know they Helly last almost forever.

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    Just bought these microfiber boxers. No seam on the back, which is a hard feature to find.

    The Amazon link is for reference. They cost less at Costco. But you need a membership.

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