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Thread: First timer using marijuana

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    I thought CBD is therapeutic without the high.
    The CBD oil that I take contains no THC. Marijuana is legal where I live, and I checked with a local dispensary because someone stated in an earlier thread that there was a difference between cannabis oil (containing THC) and CBD oil. The dispensary people told me that CBD oil by definition does not contain significant amounts of THC, and does not need to in order to be therapeutic. I get my CBD oil from (because it's organically grown, tested by an outside laboratory and extracted by a safe process). It only takes 7 drops twice a day to cut my dystonia to very manageable levels. I wouldn't go near edible marijuana again, after the experience I had - and thanks to CBD oil, I won't have to. CBD oil does not produce any noticeable side effects for me.
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    Interestingly, CVS drug stores will begin selling CBD oil products (creams, sprays, roll ons) in 800 stores in 8 states.

    High end retailer Barney's is opening exclusive cannabis boutiques in its stores. They won't be selling cannabis products. Instead, they will be selling accessories, i.e., pipes to bongs, rigs to grinders etc:
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    It is unfortunate that you live in an illegal state, Scott, as I find smoking a much more dependable way to just ease away from my body/mind for awhile. On the other hand, smoking is higher risk for anyone whose respiratory system is weakened by bedrest. Lungs matter and the tar (oh, excuse me, resin) in marijuana is thick and gooey.

    I make my own edible to help with sleep but agree with others it is difficult to manage dosage. I mix my cleaned herb in tahini because i happen to love tahini and it is easy. Yet if an edible is good tasting it is harder to resist a bit more. How long does it last? unpredictable.

    In my learning process I have had many nights in which I suffered low BP episodes when I needed to get up to cath. Sitting on the toilet with one's head spinning while feeling queasy is not fun. I think I have it mastered, finally, but it was a long process distorted by the longing for a good night's rest. added to which to much weed leaves me with a tired feeling hangover, not feeling rested. I remember that, too, from 49 years ago. It was a problem with hashish and today's marijuana is strong enough to compete with yesterday's hash.

    Your situation is frustrating because you lack legal access. You may need to go at this differently.

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    There are peer-reviewed research papers demonstrating that the effects of CBD exhibit a bell-curve response when the CBD is extracted from the male plant (hemp), whereas the bell curve response does not appear when CBD is extracted from the female plant (marijuana). The bell response means the effect increases with increasing does only at first and then the effect drops with increasing dose. By eliminating the bell response the effects increase with increasing dose as they should.

    Speculation is that it is the terpenes composition that affect the efficacy of CBD. Without the full spectrum of terpenes, CBD just isn't very effective. The good news is that you can buy marijuana-derived CBD that has zero THC.

    Personally, I get the most nerve pain relief from a CBD-to-THC ratio of 1:1 (the natural ratio is 1:1000 or more so 1:1 is very low THC by comparison).

    The effect of this on nerve pain is what I call a distractant - my pain level doesn't decrease, but my ability to ignore it increases. As such it is effective pain relief.
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    I forgot to mention that this is coming from a dispensary in Washington state.

    I hate smoke and don't have a vaping device so that's why I chose edibles. My state will be voting again soon and hopefully it'll pass. If I like it and it becomes legal here, perhaps I'll get a vape device.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    What works for muscle spasms? I don't want the head high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HACKNSACK44 View Post
    What works for muscle spasms? I don't want the head high.
    Marijuana-derived CBD is good for this. The 1:1 stuff I use is too, but you will get a bit of a high. It can be found with essentially zero THC though.

    If i take a vape drag or two on before PT, but after 9 hours in my wheelchair I have almost zero tone or spasticity when normally I would have a fair bit (I don't have severe spasms though).
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    So much for a high

    I took one half of a 10 mg tci candy and nothing happened after 1 1/2 hours. I took the other half and nothing happened after 1 1/2 hours. Took one whole 10 mg tch. Thirty minutes later I get an ear ringing mild buzz. I felt sleepy but no high or euphoric sensation. I dozed off for an hour or two and then came here.

    This might be nice to do better bed but since took 20 mg, it would get costly with any frequency.

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    It's very common that first time users don't feel many effects. Add to that, as far as edibles go, candies are the worst, in terms of efficacy. They are absorbed via melting in the mouth, under tongue, not chewing and eating. Directly eating candies almost guarantees next to no effect. Get some good cookies, or just smoke it. Not sure if you've got the function to smoke, so I'd recommend anything made with cannabis butter. The oils aid in digestion and the action in the liver, where all the magic happens. Try it at least 3-4 times before you come to any conclusions for yourself, and make sure you try on an EMPTY stomach if you want quicker and stronger results.
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    I tried my last 10 mg thc candy Friday evening and four hours later (12:30 officially 4/20) I got the tired, loopy drunk feeling. It was kinda fun and gave me some interesting dreams.
    My friend who sent me the edibles is sending me a Pax Era vape cartridge so I'll give it a try. If I like it and it doesn't cause any adverse effects, good, if not, I'll leave it be.

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