Good morning,
BCBS approved a custom wheelchair back for me, after demoing several, I decided on a custom Roho Agility back. My DME informed me they don't feel they're being reimbursed enough by BCBS and are refusing to place the order unless I sign a release, I know better than that. BCBS told me it's extremely unusual for a DME to refuse the work within their contract, unfortunately, this is the second time I've run into this. The different DME I ordered my chair from pulled the same thing, I paid up front so they'd place the order. BCBS tried to get my money back for me, the DME lost their BCBS accreditation, and I lost $3,000. We've been going back and forth for 4months. Has anyone had this happen to them and how did it work out? I know how lucky I am that the back was approved, and don't want to settle for my second, non custom choice, but I'm using a wrong size demo right now and at the end of the day the my CRPS is miserable. I've hit my out of pocket maximum but my year re-starts Apr. 1st.
Thanks for the input!