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Thread: 06 Sienna rampvan door ajar light

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    06 Sienna rampvan door ajar light

    So trying to figure out if this is a straight Toyota issue or something to do with the mods. My door ajar light stays on when the car is off and all doors are closed but turns off when the car is on. Even with the interior lights all turned off just the indicator light eventually drains the battery. The light doesn't show which door is open and when the car is on I can open and shut each door independently and confirm the sensors are working. Anyone have any ideas?
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    It's probably a door switch. I googled it. Toyota has/had the same issue we had with our old Ford. Try this to lubricate the workings. It solved our problem. Don't worry about the demo being a Ford.
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    Our Sprinter has issues with not only door latch(Like what nonoise posted) but also the sensor contacts on door itself and sensor on frame pillar. Once cleaned the warning light on dash went out and lubing the door lack seemed to make door easier to close, as well as open. Sprinter has large door latch on it is on end of door closest to rearend of van and also lubed the handle latch at end towards front of van. Should of removed inside panel to get at but opted to use straw hooked to lube nozzel and sprayed through openings in door and on latches themselves.
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