My brother had an incomplete spinal cord injury late December of 2018. He had a posterior cervical laminecty c3-6 and part of 7. It has been a year and 3 months since his accident. My brother can walk with a platform walker. It?s not a ?normal? gait but it is mobility. He has gained very little upper body mobility and cannot feed, dress, or bath himself. He has gotten Botox shots in his upper body twice and is stretched to the point of pain 4 times a week. I am not seeing any real OT or any training to help him become more independent. We were initially told his recovery prospect was good (ASIA D) and that his progress would most likely max out at the two year mark. I am concerned his upper body ability has not returned as yet. Am I overreaching or expecting to much at this point? I?d like to see him go back to an inpatient facility like Sheppard, but don?t even know if repeat acute rehab is even an option. Any guidance would be so appreciated. My family is very confused as to his lack of progress. Thank you so much.