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Thread: square a w/c?

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    square a w/c?

    how would you tell if your chair is square I can square a lumber a building pad but stumped on this 1
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    Not sure if it's a precision method by laying in bed I noticed a chair a few years ago that Mama had parked against a wall to charge. It was a 1' square tile floor so all wheels should be sitting same tiles unless wall was out of square. Right?
    Well she said bee pulling to left for a while and ask her to joystick it over. It was now parked rear wheels even (casters) with grout line. Front drive wheels were not even on tile and right drive wheel was sticking further off tile on that side than on left side.
    With it on chair lift found problem, welding on motor mounts on right side was cracked and wheel was sticking outward at bottom and inward at top.
    Help? Or makes no sense?
    Weld it cracked more as well as breaking away from frame. Lifetime warranty on frame? Yea, 5 years! Found another chair same make/model and had seating changed out for total out-of-pocket $300 with many spare parts left ober for chair base repairs.

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    May be referring to the wheel plane, i.e: if on a surface plate or very flat surface, are all 4 wheels contacting the plate (and if having suspension, with the same force expressed to the plate across each pair)
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