Ohh yea many have been down that road with just a brave handful being able to ?return? in anyway close to normal.. each passing day families become increasingly unable to spend quality with loved ones. Yes the laws make it worse and the Doctors can?t be of any help either as they must stick to protocol.. on several occasions patients get kicked out should they try to be ?convincing? on how bad their pain gets and why they really do need the opiods which everyone (who doesn?t understand PAIN) now looks upon as a plaque eating deep into the world.. well my take on that is the emphasis made the state and media has risen awareness on a certain level which is intriguing in a negative on those who sometimes get involved for the sakes of experimenting huh.. well if you?ve chosen to make people?s medications appear as priceless mythological object that either ?makes or brakes? humans, well be rest assured it?s gonna come at great for those with the $$$ power willing to either benefit from its POTENT POWERS or experiment and know first hand why it is that you choose to make a huge deal out of it..! Curiosity folks is the nature we possess and with the propagandas of the likes ; ?the pain is all in your mind? ?you can make it go away? where as truly they could hardly comprehend.. so you see, the curious majority find ways of knowing, while the real sufferers who due to their conditions have been reduced to ?house hold items? that require ?regular maintenance? can hardly afford to pay for what they truly require to function properly.. well we are all entirely up to US! If you in anyway relate to the gibberish and require help being pointed to the right direction, be it your doctor moved, you moved, they won?t write your scripts anymore, you failed a routine test that strained things between both parties and now they won?t give you nothing, it?s all good.. just connect the dots, add Gmail to drtony6 (drtony6atgmaled0tc0m) and shoot me an email straight forward..! Good luck!