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Thread: Showerchair rental in AZ

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    Showerchair rental in AZ

    Does anyone know if you can rent a commode/showerchair in the AZ area??

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    If you are looking to rent a commode/shower chair with wheels and padded seat, you might find it difficult. When my sister was looking for commode chairs when our mother (Mesa, AZ) and other sister (Prescott, AZ) were ill and needed bedside commode chairs the only thing she could find were like the one pictured below (click on the link). These kinds of commode chairs were fine for my mother and sister because the were able bodied, average height, with no balance or transfer issues. I've been offered this kind of chair during a hospital stay, and as a tall, c6/7 quad they just don't work for me. When I have had to be hospitalized, NL has always brought mine into the hospital from home.

    There was a time when tried to get Medicare to cover a commode chair, and the only one they would cover was similar to the one pictured. They rent the chair for you for 13 months and if you still need it after that time period they cover that style. When I searched medical rentals in my area of Northern California, I didn't find any wheeled and padded seat commode chairs available either.
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    I would concur with this. You would probably do better to purchase a shower/commode chair that packs up for travel. Not cheap, but it would meet your needs, and avoid having to try to find something to rent that would most likely not meet your needs.

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