Simply put, the New England winters are making the quality of my life and ability to work/recreate beyond manageable. I?m looking to move to a warmer climate and open to almost any state that would be able to be similar in PCA? independent management and physicians.

I?m not sure where to post this. Since my injury I?ve only lived in Massachusetts and so I don?t know the experience outside of traveling and living for a month or two in different states. Long-term Massachusetts Has been my home and where all my connections, doctors, care providers exist.

I?m looking for experiences of people who have had high levels of spinal cord injury and have lived in states that have a similar healthcare system as Massachusetts or have lived in Massachusetts and have moved away or moved to Massachusetts for specialists.

Are there advocates that could be hired or specialist that exist that may have a roadmap for people with SCI who want to move? I need to move for a variety of reasons. As a sidenote, psychologically I can no longer handle the trauma of losing family members in the same environment. The loss of my brother and my mother within two years has been significantly psychologically challenging.

I desperately need a fresh canvas and someone to help guide me to a place where the services will be similar. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

Kindly, Chaz