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Thread: Weighing options to go for SPC

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    Weighing options to go for SPC

    Dear All,

    I am Sam from India. I am C-4 C5 quadriplegic since 2005. Up to now, I was on the intermittent catheter. I want to go to SPC. Whatever queries, threats, & other details are available they are old. I want what is the present perception, Practices, and things to keep in mind regarding SPC. Please let me know? Thanks and regards

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    Hi Sam, I've had mine for almost 10 years and wish I had it done sooner.

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    I wonder if SPC could be done at the local level through a urologist or I could go to specialty hospitals for SCI. Please suggest to me. Also, let me know thinks to keep in mind.Thanks and regards

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    There have been many threads on Care Cure that have discussed supra pubic catheters. I suggest you search this site (search box, upper right of this page) for "supra pubic."

    That said, I've had my supra pubic for about 8 years. I'm very satisfied with my decision. My injury level is C6/7 complete.

    In the United States. supra pubic catheter placement is a general procedure that can be done by a urologist in a local hospital, on an outpatient basis. It is a good idea to consult with a nurse who has expertise in identifying the best placement for the supra pubic stoma. After the surgery, the area will be bandaged. Follow your doctor's directions about removing the dressing, usually 5 or 6 days after the surgery.

    It is best practice to have a smaller diameter catheter placed initially. I had a 16Fr foley catheter placed and have stayed with that size. Some doctors will use 18Fr or 20Fr initially, and that isn't necessary. You can up size the catheter if you are having problems with passing urine or have a good deal of sediment. The smaller and more flexible the catheter, the better. Four to six weeks after the placement surgery, you will visit your doctor to have the catheter changed for the first time.

    You may need to take an anticholinergic medication to help with bladder spasms and help to keep the bladder from shrinking a great deal. Oxybutynin is an anticholinergic medication.

    The supra pubic catheter needs to be changed once a month. Likely, you will need someone who is trained in removing the old catheter and inserting the new one. Some people go to a clinic for a catheter change, others have family members or home heath care aids who are trained by a doctor or nurse to change a supra pubic catheter. When a catheter is removed from the stoma, it will quickly try to heal closed. Make sure that you have all of your supplies; syringe to remove fluid from the balloon of the old catheter, garbage can or plastic bag to dispose of the old catheter, new catheter, syringe with sterile water to fill the balloon of the new catheter, lubricant, antiseptic wipes (betadine etc.) to clean the stoma area and any other supplies recommended by your doctor or nurse.

    Washing the stoma area once or twice a day with soap and water is a good practice to help eliminate bacteria. I like to use an alcohol wipe to clean the catheter tubing (not the stoma). Use medical paper tape or a securement device to hold the catheter in place on your leg to help keep the catheter from moving in and out of the stoma (Several types are available). Inspect the stoma daily for any abnormal secretions, redness, and swelling.

    Good luck.

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    hello c6c7 could not cathe had sp has I left shephards and went home

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    I've had my sp almost 29 years. I use a 18fr Duette catheter. I highly recommend them. I'm very happy with my sp!

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    Thanks a lot!
    It was thorough and quite informative.
    I ask again… At local level, SPC might be done occasionally. Will they be able to do all the care or I would have to move to SCI hospital?
    Please suggest me…

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    I had mine done at a local hospital.

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    You will be far less prone to bladder/kidney infections by staying with intermittent cath. I don't understand why you would want to risk that with the SPC.
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