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Thread: Quad Drivers from Power Chair

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    Quad Drivers from Power Chair

    Wanted to poll some of the minivan drivers who are Quads. I have driven a minivan from my powerchair for more than 25 years. I am beginning to look out there for a new vehicle. I have to sit close to the steering wheel so I can safely turn and handle vehicle safely. That means the firewall area needs to accommodate my feet/foot pedals. I took a look at a VMI conversion of the Toyota Sienna and I could not get remotely close enough to drive because the fire wall extends too far. I am a little concerned that something has changed with newer vehicles where this might be an issue. Is there anyone out there who has tried or is driving the Pacifica or Odyssey? Was/is this an issue? I was told that different conversion companies cut the firewall area out similarly. I do not have an interest in the Caravan. Any thoughts or input is appreciated.

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    the distance from the steering wheel to the firewall is similar in all the mini vans.

    Depending on the van often theres room to cut the floor/firewall to make more room for your foot rests.

    The steering wheel can also be moved closer to you when there isn't room to cut more floor/firewall away.

    How far from the wheel do you sit in your current van?
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    Steering column extensions are extremely common, especially for those driving from a power chair. While the column extension may solve your foot clearance issues, it does create potential issues with reaching dashboard controls. However, in my experience, most of those can be dealt with before you start driving, such as heating/cooling, etc..

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    Thanks for the input. I will inquire further on possible mod to the firewall with the different manufacturers and see if steering wheel extension is a viable option.

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