this is old.. October 28, 2016 0:26 AM - floated across my facebook feed.

Interesting. .anyone have experience with it ?

Using a pin-sized electrode, Falci carefully probes two millimeters into these areas, to touch relay nerves in the spinal cord that speed sensory information toward the brain. Mostly he gets a calm electric signal. Then, there?s a spike, the sign of hyperactive nerve cells. Falci calls them "hot spots" -- seizure-like areas of the nerve cells firing with high energy when they shouldn?t be firing.He says hot spots can trigger suicidal pain. ?So you can imagine, the hyperactive areas of the spinal cord, almost every second of their life, bombarding their brain and telling them they?re with pain.?
Using heat, Falci kills each hot spot. There can be hundreds, so meticulously, he moves up the spinal column, killing hot spots.