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We fly out tomorrow morning, my first flight with a rigid chair. Hypothetically, if my chair was broken beyond use upon landing, what is the airline's legal requirement in terms of me getting by for the rest of the trip? It's not like I can just go out and buy another tilite that day.
Remember what I said dont over think it and dont print anything the airlines are not the bad guy.

A big part is on your shoulders by explaining your chair, how it works and most will not be familiar with your wheels so take time and explain.

Make sure your chair is tagged to bring to the plane vs claim at baggage.

Once the chair is brought to the Jetway get in and test it.

If there is something wrong go down to baggage claim and have them fill out a report, you will get a copy and you can use who ever you want to do the repair.

If you want to try and find someone there that knows the tires and wheels go for it.

If you needed a rental or even a power chair in place of yours you can set that up too.

If the repair can wait till you get home then fix it with your DME.

Remember cosmetic damage is not required to be fixed.

you have my number if you need me.

Now relax and have fun!