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Thread: Opinion: Ethical Challenges in Using iPS Cells to Treat Paralysis

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    John D. Loike, a professor of biology at Touro College and University Systems, writes a regular column on bioethics for The Scientist. Martin Grumet is a professor of Cell Biology & Neuroscience, associate director of WM Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, and director of the Stem Cell Research Center at Rutgers.

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    Thanks for posting.

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    When in the relatively short history of medical research for cures and alike was there never serious risk for the desperately afflicted?
    Just look at what transpired with horrors like polio vaccination development.
    Tread cautiously, yeah to an extent there's a 90% likelihood of fatal failure, but for the desperate like me....rephrase it as a 10% chance of success and I'd rather die on the surgery table trying to recover .

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