Companions can be helpful regardless of size. My 2lb guinea pig, Barley was a great companion. He visited senior neighbors and they loved him. One of his last visits was with someone who had just turned 99. She doesn't remember the name guinea pig but calls him the little animal. We were joined by an even older person who enjoyed my little guy. B is 102 and still going strong and she also enjoyed her visiting time with him. My little guy visited many from the time he was 4 months old. He would lay in his carry basket for a very long time letting people stroke his fur and rub behind his ears. A guinea pig may look like a small animal and they are but unlike other pets that get lumped into the category pocket pet they have a ton of personality and recognize people. They also play with toys and provide a ton of entertainment. I will never forget the Christmas he got a plastic house and the first morning it was in with him he had managed to pull one of his stuffed animals in it with him. He loved to sleep with his stuffed animals. How he got that little teddy bear in there I never figured out.