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Thread: Working for NASA #moontomars event.

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    Working for NASA #moontomars event.

    Monday NASA's Center Director of Kennedy Space Center Bob Cabana and Administrator Jim Bridenstein talked to distinguished guests, employees and media guests here and aboard to talk to us to get humans to the moon and beyond.

    The intro video is absolutely awesome! (Just the first four minutes. Watch in full screen.)

    We Are NASA

    Go Forward to the Moon

    If you want to learn more about humans going to the moon and beyond watch the entire video.

    Move red slider bar to the left at 00:26 start the video at the beginning.

    This video is how the United States started the birth of NASA and the first rocket to the Saturn V, the Cold War, the Space Race and how America and NASA got man to the moon, Apollo 11. It took 374,000 people to get man on the moon!

    The Saturn V Story

    On March 17th, 2019, NASA Glenn made the news web site:

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