I?m dealing with something new for myself...🥴🙁. I have a very irritated suprapubic catheter stoma and 2 pressure wounds on my body (back of heel/stage 2 & left rib/stage 3). The wounds are on the mend though. Anyways, I?m experiencing terrible autonomic dysreflexia (ad) from these resulting in a dangerously high blood pressure (bp). I use my emergency nitroglycerin paste when my bp?s top # hits 170. Then, it normally continues rising to 220ish before the paste starts working to lower it taking around 20 minutes. This all normally happens in the mornings while doing my routine of stoma and wound care, etc. I try to have a pain med (tramadol or norco) in my system before hand, but it?s not enough to control the ad hitting. I?d so appreciate any suggestions to help prevent the high bp until I can get over this hurtle.