So I read through the entire sticky thread about preventing skin issues and was slightly overwhelmed by the various "...this worked for me" replies. I had a couple of questions regarding the placement of dressings over problematic areas to prevent issues from happening. My only problematic area is the coccyx region (tiny area in butt crack between anus and tailbone, closer to tailbone), and I think the instigator is shear force.

  • I've seen duoderm and tegaderm mentioned in previous threads; what's the difference between these two and is one specifically better for placing over an area around the coccyx I'm a little worried about?
  • Will pre-emptively placing these dressings weaken the skin over time? For example, if I don't really have a serious issue in the area, but am compelled to begin a regimen of placing these dressings there, will I basically need to always have them there because as soon as I stop the regimen, there is a heightened risk for skin damage?
  • I really like to keep an eye on my skin...will placing these dressings there keep me from being able to monitor for damage?

I'm also obviously being conscious of creating any shear force during transfers, so I continue to think about my technique. I'm also getting into my early 40s and know that this is about the time that body starts its natural "decline", although I stay very active, physically.

I read through a pdf on duoderm's website about preventing skin breakdown and they mentioned placing the dressings over problematic areas, which is one motivation for this thread; I also know they have a product to sell, so I didn't know if this would be overkill.

So, does anyone place these dressings in areas they don't currently have sores at, but are worried about?