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Thread: Social Security may Watch Facebook and Twitter

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    Social Security may Watch Facebook and Twitter

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    One of our members on this site posted a couple of days ago that long term disability insurance companies troll sites like Care Cure Community for support material to deny benefits. That may be, but I don't know how much they can glean from this site unless you have shared too much, like your real name, an email address and a lot of information on your profile.

    Yes, I understand and have seen many entreaties from the SCI nurses urging all of us on this site to COMPLETE OUR PROFILES. But, my question is WHY? The answer and excuse is it makes it easier to answer a question that you might ask. But, if that kind of information is so important, then send me a private message and I might consider sharing, but I'm not going to be so gullible as to make my life an open book to anyone on the internet!

    If you have been so reckless to share all kinds of information and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all I can say is WHY? and what else would you expect?


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    I see nothing in the profile section that could possibly incriminate me, nor even give a stalker ammunition. usually the information about location only needs to be what state or country you live in, in case there are questions related to insurance coverage. Even Connecticut is a big state.

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    All cheaters should be caught and required to pay back all benefits received plus interest.

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    Like I always say...if you are fat or sad and don't look like that handicapped aint disabled. Get your act together you slug! I wont get into wheelchair people working and the 'disabled' not...what's their excuse?

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    Given all of everyone who stalks your social media (colleagues, clients, friends, coworkers, exsignificant others, ministers, rabbis, nigerian scammers, Mark Zuckerberg, Google's adsense, etc, etc, etc) I'm probably least worried about social security finding out that I'm actually disabled...

    ... but then again I don't think you can get that from any social media posts of mine, except for this place, which I guess counts as social media in a way. I always have my privacy settings on max and never post anything anyway... except occasionally when the tarheels win the championship.

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    Maybe they are looking for you posting yourself doing activities on social media that they may question for a disability. But so what? Nothing says that a person with a disability has to be in bed and miserable. It's perfectly fine to have a disability that prevents you from working and still be active and enjoying your life. If you are committing fraud, that's a different story. Most likely case is that they are looking for unreported income. Maybe LinkedIn and other employment websites is where they are looking more than FB or Twitter. Don't cheat the government and you'll be ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tprewitt View Post
    All cheaters should be caught and required to pay back all benefits received plus interest.
    Absolutely. And then charged with insurance fraud and prosecuted criminally.
    T3 complete since Sept 2015.

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    I wish that were true as I know a dude I called us marshal told them have pictures they don/t care

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    I really do not have to watch what I share. I am not committing fraud and I really would like to see some of the fakers caught. I really do not share anything personal anyway because I am just not that person. I share if people are missing or pets are missing things like that...

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