Yes, I’m a para. My surgeon and my PM&R doc (who luckily is really responsive to email) said it was important to do it pretty quickly, to increase the chances of the bone healing. The surgeon was not optimistic about the bones healing because although I use a standing frame and e-stim and stuff he just - wasn’t hopeful, but said that the surgery should be done for stability at the very least, and in the long run to prevent deformation and potential pressure sores as well as maintaining independent transfers. The bones have healed just fine and I have gotten an estim bike (yay Myolyn!) and my surgeon has been really impressed and openly said he was wrong and apologized for being negative and dismissive which increased my respect for him. The big problem for me has been that I have a lot of scar tissue around the screws in my femur and it can be really painful if the bone is angled in a way that stresses that scar tissue. The surgery itself was not a big deal (at least for me!) and the recovery wasn’t either - I was itchy around the staples and it took me a couple of days to reorganize how I hurl myself around so I didn’t stress the breaks but I got a friend to stay with me and watch me and yell at me, which was so helpful. Also as soon as the surgery was done my spasticity dropped back to normal levels. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best wishes.