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Thread: Broken tibia/fibula with external fixation need advice

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    Broken tibia/fibula with external fixation need advice

    Hi, I broke my tibia/fibers, had a pilon, fracture about three months ago. It was put in a cast and did not heal. So I needed surgery. Had a choice between external fixator or a rod. I have had metal in my spine and my femur and both got infected, so I went with the external fixator. I figured that since I had learned how to deal with a cast, I could learn to deal with a fixator. But the fixator they put on was nothing like the pictures they showed me, It is incredibly big and cumbersome and we had to cut my pants all the way up to the crotch to get it over the fixator. It is difficult to maneuver. I am kinda regretting not getting the rod especially since the fixator just started hurting. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it?
    Also I have been staying in a nursing home and they finally found housing for me, but the apt is extra small and I am not supposed to hit this on anything. But I really want out of this nursing home. I was completely independent before the fixator even with the broken leg and have just been waiting for housing. So I am kinda frustrated and in pain which is not a good combo.

    here is a photo of what it looks like.
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