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Thread: Marketing Class Survey

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    Marketing Class Survey

    Hey everyone,

    Please delete if not allowed/ I am currently taking a marketing course and have to create a survey to find out what people look for in features and colors when it comes to a vehicle.

    Is there anyone willing to fill out the survey?

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    Sure. Send it to me via pm.
    I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtop1 View Post
    Sure. Send it to me via pm.
    Same here.

    Is this for my husband's wheelchair van or for my drive to work car?

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    Thank you, both! I have PM'ed you. If there is anyone else willing, please let me know!


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    Can do.

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    I can take it.

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    Hey There,

    Here is the survey

    1. Whatfeatures do you look for when purchasing a new vehicle? Why?
    2. Are there any features that would not wantto have in a vehicle? Why? 3
    3. What colour of vehicle is the most appealing to you?
    4. What would make you choose to purchase one brand of vehicle over another?
    5. What type of advertising or information about a product catches yourattention? Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl2010 View Post
    5. What type of advertising
    Chevy's JD Power Awards and 'person off the street' commercials make me think they sell vehicles not exclusive to car rental agencies or credit criminal clientele

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