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Thread: How to empty pee bag without any finger function????????

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    How to empty pee bag without any finger function????????

    My son is 6 months post injury. He has wrist movement with a pinch but not super strong-yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on how he could empty his own bag? He has a SP and since he is not back at school still uses his big night bag during the day. Today while I was at work he was home alone and realized he forgot his meds while his friend was there earlier for lunch. He managed to get the pill container off the bathroom counter and used his teeth and opened the container and took his pills! I'm so proud. Probably silly to a lot of people, but with his diagnosis of C4 complete he continues to push to do as much as he can. We just can't figure this one out. Any suggestions???

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    Would it be safe to assume your son cannot lean over on his knees, pull up his pant leg, and flip a valve open? If he could I have a cheap solution. If not, then maybe an automatic unit something like this

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    I've been using a Holister 9805 bag placed on my thigh, connected right to the catheter. Run a piece of flexible tubing from the valve down from that. It has a flip valve that I can open/close right through my pants.

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    I pretty much use a large bedside bag full time and when it is really full and heavy I utilize the transfer handle on the front of my chair to empty it. I tilt then hook the bag handle by placing my hand under it and slide it down over my transfer handle. It did take practice to get that transition made easy. If I need to adjust the height of the bag in relation to the toilet I adjust my tilt then. Hooking the other hand under the transfer handle on the other side, (so I can pull myself back up), I lean over a bit and flip the drain open with the tip of my thumb. Then I let gravity do its thing. To finish the procedure I pull myself back up, grab the back handle, close the drain and replace the bag. The last bit is pretty much standard, close lid, flush and wash hands.

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    Here are another couple of options for powered leg bag emptiers. You do need to use these on a power chair:

    This one is non-powered, so can be used in either a power or manual wheelchair, but at C4 he may not have the strength to use it:

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    I would highly recommend this leg bag opener. I've had mine for well over a decade and it has been nothing but super reliable. A little pricey but it is in Canadian dollars, but the freedom that it allows me is priceless. I would have paid much more having to pay caregivers to follow me around to drain my bag everywhere I go. I am a c4/c5 quad with a sp. Plus Dr. Charlton is first class and will gladly answer any questions you have, he's just an amazing person with an amazing product.

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    in a power chair with leg elevators it's much easier to raise the legs all the way up, flip the valve open, lower the legs to get all of the pee out, then raise the legs to close the valve. I'm C6/7 and use the side of my index finger to operate the valve. Much easier than bending over.

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    Freedom flow best money I (C5) ever spent. May seem expensive but 1st one lasted years. I bought a seconD one as a backup as its something I never want to be without.

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    RJC i can lean over and get back up. what is your solution

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