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Thread: Parking Placard Abuse - San Francisico Bay Area Audit Highlights Abuses

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    Parking Placard Abuse - San Francisico Bay Area Audit Highlights Abuses

    This article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 3, 2017

    Interesting (and startling statisitics)
    35,000 disabled-placard holders were listed as deceased in the Social Security Administration?s records.

    26,000 placard holders were 100 or older and California is believed to have just 8,000 centenarians in the entire state.

    Some people, when a relative dies, will go to a flea market and sell the placard and get several hundred dollars for it.

    The number of citations issued during the Department of Motor Vehicles June sting operations indicated that about 1 in 8 placards was being used fraudulently.

    Some lawmakers are urging changes in the way disabled parking placards are issued, distributed and monitored, and a group in San Francisco has raised the idea of eliminating the free-parking part of the permit.

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    they are terribly abused I get furious when I see able bodied hop out and run in I don/t mind parking away but I see really old people with oxgenn shuffling

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