I'm speccing up a new 'chair at the moment. Highly likely to be TiLite for a load of reasons. Will be used much of the time with powered (e-motion) wheels. The rest of the time with manual wheels. I cannot operate any brake on my right hand side, on the manual wheels, and I'd really like to be able to.

Are there any aftermarket brakes (Surelock, D's, ADI etc.) which will work on the manual wheels of a 'chair which is fitted with e-motion wheels? Has anyone done it? I've asked and I feel like the answer I'm getting is 'no' without a reason, as such. Obviously I realise they'd not work with the e-motion wheels, but is there something about the e-motion bracket which means they couldn't work when in manual mode?

Thanks for any help - this place is full of such wonderful knowledge and I know if I get a 'no, that's not possible' here then it's the truth!