I need to write this somewhere and I think this is a safe place. My son was injured 8/23/18 during gymnastics practice. He added difficulty to a trick and landed badly. Now a diagnosed C4 complete but has biceps, light tendonisis and several upper back and arm muscles except triceps. He has done well and has a good attitude. But.... he is not trying to work at home. We bought an FES bike for the house but he will only ride when I make him. He doesn't home exercise and doesn't like the FES machine. He goes to PT and OT 3 times a week and I just added a strength training session with a trainer once a week. Am I pushing too hard? He has always been outgoing and still wants to be but I see him shy away. He can feed himself but doesn't want to at home. What do I do? He will do anything I push him to do, but I want him to want to. He says he does, but it is just easier to sit and play on his ipad and watch youtube videos.