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Thread: How do you like your Ceiling Lift?

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    How do you like your Ceiling Lift?

    Please delete if this is a repeat: I'm looking for recommendations on lightweight ceiling lifts, particularly the Prism. The person is 170 pounds max. Being able to move it between tracks would be a plus. Thanks.

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    Some ceiling track systems have a lateral as well as a lifting motor, so you don't have to push the person along the track.

    If you are asking instead about moving the motor between different non-connected tracks around the home, I can recommend the Barrier Free PC-2 Portable Ceiling Lift UPL:

    This is the lift which my mother had in her home and used for 20 years. She had a section of track in the bedroom, another in the bathroom (did not want to have the track go into the bathroom) and a third in the family room so she could transfer to a recliner. The motor was easy to move for my elderly father as well as her caregivers or my self or other family members. It does not have a lateral motor though. She used it both with a Surehand Body Support sling and a fabric hygiene-type sling.

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    Thanks, you're always so helpful. I just happen to have one of these hanging in my bathroom as an ornament because I couldn't find a replacement for the burned-out recharger. (We purchased the item on eBay.) Obviously I'm not a real good researcher.

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