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Remembering names can be a big problem for many of us as we age. Do you later remember them, even hours or days later? That is a good sign. If they are gone forever, you may want to see a neurologist for a work-up of these problems.

I experienced an odd effect after my SCI and severe concussion. You know the phenomenon where people say they have a near-death experience and their lives "flash before their eyes"? For at least a month post-SCI, possibly 2, I remembered long strings of experiences and people from long ago- things I had not remembered in many years. The memories were vivid and clear. I felt as though my cortex had been thrown into a blender. I even remembered not just the dippy boyfriend my mother had when I was 12, but his first and last name. I may have met the man once. I did my entire federal 1040 in my head, including the math. Under normal circumstances, or now, I don't have a head for retaining figures nor doing the math without pencil and paper. OK, calculator. I was quite worried about getting my taxes filed at the time, especially since I could not sign my name to a check.

After awhile all of it was distant and vague again, though Henry's first name stays with me.