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    Emergency Alert

    I'd like to get an emergency alert for my son. I feel a phone is too difficult to activate if there is an emergency, like if he falls out of his chair. The battery life of a phone also concerns me. As an aside, does anyone know if the Apple iphone with fall detection works from a wheelchair? That said, I found a few good articles on help buttons here:

    But I still have some real concerns. First, will fall detection work if my son falls from his chair? Anyone know of a fall detector from a wheelchair? Second, is the a medical alert that is voice activated? It seems most of these medical alerts are design for seniors. Are they effective for quads as well? Any suggestions for solving my helicopter parent concerns?


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    Have you considered getting a voice activated device like an Amazon Echo?

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    I have the Amazon Echo and use the app/skill "My Buddy" so if i need assistance it tell alexa to ask my buddy to notify everyone and then those that I have entered a phone number for gets a phone call / text to check on me. I love it and it works great.

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    I have my iPhone set up to voice call even when locked. So, if you are within speaking distance of your phone, you can just say, "Hey Siri, call 911". The phone is on a magnetic mount to my wheelchair, facing outward so the microphone is always available. As an extension, to make it even more useful, an Apple watch can also make voice calls, even if your phone is not in range. The watch also has other ways to initiate emergency calls, besides voce. By default, this requires a bit of hand dexterity, but the trigger can be modified to something simpler. Fall detection, especially on the watch, looks for sudden changes in momentum (I am pretty sure all fall detectors work this way), so a sudden fall from a wheelchair would be detected, but a gradual fall would not.

    I believe most Android smart phones also have some form of voice calling while locked. I also got and am testing the Silent Beacon, which is a Bluetooth pendent that can make calls through your phone. The good is battery life of about 5-6 days if it is always within range of the phone and it is waterproof. The bad is it requires pushing two buttons simultaneously to activate an alert (I have to bite the two button together) and out of range battery life is poor, so leaving it in the shower wouldn't be convenient. From my first impression, an Apple watch would be better, though you have to charge every night.
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