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Thread: How's the Rollx conversion on Chrylser Pacifica

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    I can't speak to the quality or reliability of the conversions, but I decided it was time to get a minivan so I could throw my entire chair in the back from a standing position and easily pass my crutches across my lap to the passenger seat. After doing some research, the Pacifica was clearly the best choice and the best value. It's solidly built, quiet, and has a surprising amount of power and torque. It's actually fun to drive. lots of headroom. Unlike the Odyssey and Sienna, FCA may be offering incentives to make it an even better value.

    The one thing that took a little experimentation to solve was how to monitor the blind spots. The shape of the outside mirrors and built in blind spot indicator light make it difficult to monitor vehicles in adjacent lanes--especially at night, in rain, or when droplets of "salt spray" dry on the mirror.

    This mirror has just enough of a gooseneck attach to the windshield and get around the A pillar....

    This was the best option I found for the passenger side...

    The one feature I wish the Pacifica had that is available for the Odyssey is their LaneWatch system. It shows on the interior display what's in the right lane using a camera that is mounted in the right outside mirror. Every vehicle should have this system...
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    Thanks Guys, Congrats on the new minvan SCI! Am going up to Canada to check out the Sienna and Pacifica first hand again. Then, will make a decision on what and with whom. So far kind of leaning towards the Sienna XLE with Braun fold-out.

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    Hey Patrick, was it you who mentioned not wanting a vehicle with all the dead space in the wheel wells? For me that was a factor going with the Braun Sienna, I have a SE with 19” wheels. If you don’t need the interior height they just started making a Pacifica with less floor drop so it looks better. They don’t have steps at the front doors is the exterior give away.

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    May have been me re the wheel wells. I don't like the look of small wheels on a van. I'm 6'2" in a manual chair but down the road may end up not transferring to the drivers seat. Was told the 2019 XLE now comes with 18" wheels rather than 17" on the older models.

    Other than the wheel size, what differences are there between the XLE and XSE?

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    Patrick, the SE is the “sporty” one. Steering and shocks are tweaked for handling, interior trim etc. Same options groups I think. The Limited has some dedicated options, HID headlights, memory seats and mirrors etc.
    Im 5’11” and use a manual chair ( Motion Composites Apex) and have plenty of room to maneuver. B&D six way transfer seat, don’t like the way they offset it about an inch toward the drivers door, it puts the steering wheel offset which is weird to me and makes the reach to some controls long for me. I have the pendant cord on mine and the switch box is coming off to try it like that. Going to play with moving the whole base back over as well.
    Happy shopping!

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