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Thread: Smart Drive Configure settings on push track her wrist band by app

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    Wink Smart Drive Configure settings on push track her wrist band by app

    A physical therapist told me the other day I can download an app from Max Mobility to configure the settings on the PushTracker wristband instead of trying to push those damn little buttons on the wristband. True or untrue? About a year ago I got a second wristband because the first one was basically coming apart and there was a defect in the software or firmware that would make the SmartDrive shut off due to something in the wristband. Anyone else have this experience or can you point me in the right direction? I will try to call Max Mobility or her mobile today but it is Presidents' Day and I'm not sure who's working and who's not .........except for me!


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    Yea, you can tweak the settings through the App. Connecting to the app the first time I found a challenge, but once you're synced, it's easy to connect to the app every other time.

    Download it and tinker!
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    Try this. Hold the fitbit between your thumb and finger with it turned on. Hold it parallel to the ground. Tap the bottom of it twice with finger of your other hand. Now try it to see if it works better. Got the from Max Mobility. Don't know why it helps, but it did stop the cutting out.

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    I've become disillusioned with my smartdrive ..I have had it since late last year and i'm on my fourth wristband. the drive has been back to be repaired as the four green lights started to flash and wouldn't connect with the pushtracker. Now the latest pushtracker loses bluetooth connection right when I needed it at the most vital time.
    I will try the holding the pushtracker parallel to the ground trick.
    Also these pushtrackers dont seem to hold their charge.. I'm sick of strapping it on and finding that its flat all the time.
    Does everyone else find this problem?
    TIA Nigel

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    You need to charge the push tracker every night. Make sure you put it to sleep when you take it off = zzz on the screen. Also it seems to need to be up against your skin not loose. Also check the sensitivity setting. Try it at 100% then try it lower to see if it stops the cutting out deal. Also check if its up dated the "firm wear" It seems to work better if the SD and the FB have the same up dates. If I had a choice I'd go back to the original way the SD worked. I may get the thumb throttle and give it a try to eliminate the FB.
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    I was given a thumb throttle from permobil, I?ve not tried it but apparently its use is designed for someone pushing the chair as the speed is supposedly very slow.
    as for the PushTracker it does seem to discharge very quickly, even when in sleep mode.
    compared to say a fit bit the time it keeps its charge is pitiful.
    all 4 of my wrist units were the same, so obviously it?s a design fault ... or a bigger battery should be in situ.
    there should be an off button to completely turn the pt off, thus leaving charge in it for at least a few days, as I only use my sd once week or so.
    appreciate your help, sorry to hijack this thread.

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